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From the introduction:

Introduction to the goWeb framework

goWeb is an object oriented PHP 5 framework for creating web sites and web applications. We (the goWeb team) have done goWeb for personal needs. We had to create many complex sites and felt the need to have something that permit to us to develop them in a relative little time. So that's how goWeb has born: as a framework written in PHP for writing web applications or web sites.

Intended audience

goWeb is a tool by developers to developers. It is not a CMS, a wiki or a blog. It is a set of functions and classes aimed to give a hand to build every type of web sites or web applications. You can build your own CMS, your own wiki or your own blog using it in a very little time. So, of course, final web users are not our aim. We just give to a web developer the tools to do its work faster. Since goWeb is written using object oriented technologies, experience with OOP is needed before to use it.